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Charitable Funds

What are Charitable Funds?

As an NHS organisation we receive government funding for healthcare, but there is always more that we can do to improve the care that we provide. The donations we receive from generous individuals and organisations can help us beyond that essential level of care.

Charitable donors can choose to support a particular hospital or department which has a special relevance to their own experience or to that of friends or relatives. There are special charitable funds set up for this purpose, and donations really do help us to enhance the facilities available to patients and staff.

Donations are used to improve patient and staff environments, fund specialist medical equipment, and support staff education and training.

Norfolk Community Health and Care NHS Trust Charitable Fund is a recognised charity, (1051173) registered with the Charity Commission. The fund is regulated by the Executive Directors’ Team to ensure the funds are used appropriately.

Making a difference

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There are many ways in which Charitable Funds has supported the work of NCH&C and can make a real difference to our patients.

Ways to donate

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There are a variety of ways to donate. You can donate by cheque, direct debit, leaving a legacy or through your payroll at work.

Funds you can donate to

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As a charitable donor you can support our General Charitable Fund or a particular hospital or department which has a special relevance to you.

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