Dental Services - Oral Health Promotion

The Siskin Centre, Norwich Community Hospital, Bowthorpe Road, Norwich, Norfolk, NR2 3TU

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The oral health team provides tailored oral health education including information on teething, diet, brushing etc. to groups such as preschools, children’s centres, care homes, community hubs and schools.

Oral health promotion update sessions can also be requested by teams of health and social care professionals.

As a team we are also able to offer assistance with displays, events and input into any relevant sections of health and well-being policies as required.

Patients receiving care from community dental services may be referred to see a member of our oral health team by their dentist, this is because they feel that you would benefit from having some individual advice on issues with your oral health include dietary advice, tooth brushing techniques and fluoride application.

Who can use our Oral Health Promotion Services in Norfolk?

Any group run within Norfolk, excluding Great Yarmouth and Thetford, is able to request a visit. For example this may include preschools, children’s centres, care homes, community hubs and schools.

Any health, social care or education professional or any relevant charities are able to contact us for advice on oral health and visits.


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