Virtual Ward

Virtual Ward Team, St James Clinic, Exton's Road, King's Lynn PE30 5NU

Supporting patients with early discharge from hospital

What is the Virtual Ward?

The team of community-based nurses and therapists provide up to six days of support to enable an early discharge from hospital. Support is provided in the home for up to three visits per day, seven-days-a-week.

This care can range from assistance with personal care and food preparation, to physiotherapy and wound care.

When discharged from hospital patients remain under the care of their GP. Further healthcare will be provided by our community nurses, healthcare assistants and therapists.

Why are patients referred to the Virtual Ward?

The aim of the Virtual Ward is to promote and support an early discharge for medically fit patients who wish to return home rather than remain in hospital.

In this way, care needs are met at home which we hope will enhance the rate of recovery. In addition, hospital beds are released for the use of patients with acute healthcare needs.

How we can help

The Virtual ward is staffed by healthcare professionals experienced in the following:

Administering injections
Wound care and dressing change
Confidence building after a fall
Diabetic monitoring during change in treatment
Convalescent care
Physiotherapy and occupational therapy
Personal care for those awaiting more long-term care packages
Supporting patients and families in managing medical conditions
Patients with catheters
Respiratory conditions, such as COPD

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