Fraud Awareness

Norfolk Community Health and Care NHS Trust (NCH&C) has recently been made aware of an email scam whereby bogus emails are being sent to healthcare suppliers, claiming to be from various NHS Trusts.

These emails ask for a quotation for certain products. A positive response from the scammed supplier will lead to a fraudulent purchase order being placed in that Trust's name, but with bogus delivery details.  

The emails are relatively convincing and could appear genuine unless examined closely. Therefore:

a) We are alerting the healthcare supply market, in order to raise awareness of this fraud. 

b) We request that you ensure that all quotations requested from NCHC and all purchase orders placed on you are authentic and properly approved.

c) If you are not sure of the legitimacy of any request, correspondence or purchase order, please ensure you check with NCHCs Purchasing team.

d) If you supply goods or services under the fraudulent circumstances we have described, NCHC will not be liable for any invoice and are unable to pay you for any resulting loss.

 Thank you for your support in avoiding fraudulent losses to NCH&C and the wider NHS family.

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