Quality Goals for 2012/13

Quality goals

Our Trust has prioritised a number of quality goals for 2012/13:

  • Achieve 95% Venous Thrombo-embolisms (VTE) assessments for inpatients by December 2012
  • 50% reduction in catheter acquired urinary tract infections (CAUTI) by December 2012
  • Reduction in the levels of injurious falls in our inpatient units to 4.0 per 1,000 occupied bed days
  • Eradication of avoidable pressure ulcers by December 2012
  • Improve patient satisfaction to 70% ‘very satisfied’ with no area less than 50%
  • Implement the Patient experience ‘family and friends test’ using the ‘Net promoter’ score system, asking inpatients (on a score of 1-10) how likely they would be to recommend the service
  • To achieve ‘you’re welcome’ accreditation in school nursing service
  • To achieve UNICEF ‘baby friendly’ accreditation at level 2

Implement the Safety Thermometer

The ‘Safety thermometer’ is a national measurement tool, developed by the NHS for the NHS to provide a ‘temperature check’ on reducing the potential of harm. This can be used alongside other tools, such as analysing incident to improve patient experience, effectiveness and safety.  It has been trialled over the last year with a number of NHS Trusts and is now a target for all NHS Trusts for this year.

Data is captured on a monthly basis for all patients who are under our care on a specific date using the following ‘four harms’ to drive up patient safety:
 Venous Thrombo-embolisms (VTE) assessments for inpatients
 Catheter acquired urinary tract infections (CAUTI)
 Levels of injurious falls in our inpatient units
 Pressure ulcers

At a local level, the safety thermometer and the ‘four harms’ it measures against, form a key part of our quality agenda for the coming year and will enable the impact of this work to be measure and published and will provide a useful benchmark showing how NCH&C are doing in comparison to similar trusts around the country. 

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