Patient Experience surveys

Our vision for Patient Experience and Involvement is that NCH&C is a patient focused organisation actively seeking the views of our patients and carers and engaging them in shaping and developing our services whilst consistently providing high level, quality care.

We genuinely want to work with our patients and local community so that together we make a difference to the experiences of our current and future patients and design and provide our services around their needs.

Patient Experience survey

Community Services survey

Currently there is no national CQC programme of Patient Experience for Community Services. Early this year Hounslow and Richmond Community Health NHS Trust co-ordinated a survey for any community trust wishing to participate in surveying various services. NCH&C took part in this survey and the services in our sample were:

 Podiatric surgery
 Paediatric Speech and Language Therapy
 Adult  Speech and Language Therapy
 Wheelchair services

Survey results to follow

PE survey

Experience in inpatient units

A survey held by the Picker Institute in early 2011, focused on people’s experience of our inpatient units. This saw 97% of patients who had recently stayed in one of our community hospitals rate the care they received as ‘excellent’, ‘very good’, or ‘good’.

  • 90% of people who responded said they felt that they were always treated with respect and dignity.
  • 98% said cleanliness levels were high in their ward/room.
  • 97% of patients said the rehabilitation therapy they received had helped to rebuild their confidence.
PE survey

All services Patient Experience survey

In September 2010 we held our second all services Patient Experience Survey, carried out on our behalf by Ipsos MORI.

The survey found that people highly rated the health and care services provided by our Trust. And it showed that we had made significant improvements in patient/client satisfaction over the previous 12 months, with ‘fairly good’ scores having been transformed into ‘very good’ scores in many areas.

People were particularly positive about how their care was joined up between services, an increase in choice, how supported they felt in making healthcare decisions, and the helpfulness of our staff.

  • 86% said they would be likely to recommend our services to a friend or relative, two out-of-three of these people were very likely to recommend the services.
  • Three quarters of people rated the helpfulness of our staff as ‘very good’ and 62% rated the admin staff as ‘very good’.

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