Autism Service Norfolk


Autism Service Norfolk is an NHS employed service funded by Norfolk County Council. It provides a gateway for diagnosis of adults 18+ with suspected Autism without a learning disability. It is also able to provide some pre and post diagnostic support around the diagnosis. Autism service Norfolk does not provide any mental health or social care support or management.

Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) are characterised by:

  • impairments in the quality of a person’s social interaction
  • the quality of their social communication
  • evidence of repetitive routines and rituals and all-absorbing narrow interests
  • motor clumsiness and sensory issues

Difficulties in these areas have to be present through-out their life-span.


Autism Service Norfolk

The service is mainly clinic based, at Norfolk Community Health & Care NHS Trust bases across Norfolk. Outreach in homes, education and/or employment environments can be arranged if it supports people to access the service and/or is important to the outcome of the assessment/intervention. Office headquarters are:

Norwich Community Hospital, Bowthorpe Road, Norwich NR2 3TU
T: 01603 272257

Opening Hours: Set clinic days. Families are given details of appointment date and time.

Parking and Transport: Limited onsite parking is available. Accessible by public and community transport.

Access and Facilities: Main entrance well signposted and wheelchair accessible. Wheelchair accessible toilet.

Referral Information: Individuals may refer themselves or be referred by a health or social services professional. To accept a referral we ask that your GP must be informed of the referral.  You can access the referral form on our website.

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