Appeal for memorabilia to help neurology patients and those with dementia

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Date Issued: August 26, 2016

NCH&C is appealing for donations of memorabilia which can be used to help patients recovering from brain injuries, and those with dementia.

The appeal, by NCH&C's Patient Environment Group, will see donated items displayed at community inpatient units across the county, and used to stimulate conversations between patients, their families, and with staff.

Gary Wiltshire, Charitable Funds Manager, said: “Even the simplest of things, whether they be old household items, workman’s tools, advertising signs or football programmes, can trigger memories for people who have suffered brain injuries or who with dementia.

“It’s an important part of their recovery process to have talking points around them in the form of familiar age-relevant objects. These will help trigger memories and start conversations with family members or carers, and can build and maintain relationships when everything else is confusing.”

The items needed, which do not have to be in perfect condition or working order, include:

•           Crockery

•           Old photographs, newspapers or magazines

•           Posters/pictures/postcards

•           Packaging/Advertising on tins

•           Royal memorabilia

•           Local memorabilia

•           Domestic items

•           Sporting items

Each of NCH&C’s nine local hospitals provides physical rehabilitation for older people or neurology rehabilitation for patients with brain injuries.

“When people are in hospital or are being treated at home for an illness that has nothing to do with their dementia itself, communication is so important in helping patients and staff to understand each other and to find the best way forward,” Gary continued.

“We would be most grateful for any suitable donations.”

Anyone wishing to donate an item/items can contact Bev Goldthorpe, Patient Environment Lead, via or by calling 01603 272601. 

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