Praise for hard-working community trust staff over winter

Staff at Norfolk Community Health and Care NHS Trust along with colleagues across the NHS in England have been thanked for their hard work in providing high quality care to patients over the winter months.

Figures published on Thursday 11 April showed that thanks to the hard work of staff, and despite significant increases in demand for services, more people received the support they needed to avoid a long stay in hospital. NHS Trusts undertook over three million planned operations and treatments, without the need for national cancellation of routine care.

Pauline Philip, National Director of Emergency and Elective Care for NHS England and NHS Improvement said: “Throughout the NHS, staff have worked tirelessly to deliver the improvements we’ve seen for patients this winter, putting in place new and improved services, delivering a record number of flu jabs and providing care directly to a record number of people.

“Millions of people in England who have benefited from NHS care and advice this last few months will therefore want to join me in paying thanks to all health service staff for their exceptional efforts.”

Simon Stevens, NHS England chief executive, said: “The country rightly owes our NHS staff enormous gratitude for these undoubted improvements in care over this past winter, while at the same time recognising the intense and continuing pressure under which frontline NHS services continue to have to operate.”

Josie Spencer, Chief Executive at NCH&C added: “We have had all the usual winter pressures we have come to expect, however, I am proud of how colleagues have dealt with it. Even in times of extreme pressure, we have seen staff in good spirits, showing great skill and compassion in an exemplary fashion. It is a great honour to thank all staff at NCH&C for their amazing efforts throughout this period. It has been humbling to see staff pull together and stay focused on the people we are here to look after and to continue to strive to provide outstanding community care.

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