Therapy Assistant


A typical Therapy Assistant role at Norfolk Community Health and Care includes:

  • Carrying out physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and speech therapy
  • Putting patients/carers at ease and encouraging participation
  • Understanding any special needs the patient may have
  • Supporting the delivery of therapy rehabilitation programmes with patients/carers at the rehabilitation unit, at the patient’s home or in the community
  • Assisting therapists in the rehabilitation treatment of patients, such as making splints, wheelchair assessment, gait assessment
  • Gathering information to contribute to the therapist’s assessment
  • Demonstrating and instructing in the use and maintenance of equipment for patients/carers
  • Adjusting equipment to suit patients’ and/or carers’ needs
  • Washing and dressing practice
  • Wheelchair assessment
  • Anxiety management
  • Community living skills and re-adjustment
  • Massage
  • Exercise programmes


Apprenticeship Framework

Level 2 and 3 Clinical Healthcare Support (Allied Health Pathway)

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