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Charitable Fund staff development case study: Venepuncture arm

Venepuncture arm

Venepuncture arm NCH&C’s Charitable Fund funds additional training and resources to support staff learning and development.  We cannot fund mandatory or essential training, but if the learning is relevant to the role and will directly benefit their patient group, we can provide funding to enhance both skills and knowledge.

One of the ways Charitable Fund donations have been used is by purchasing additional equipment to support learning through the Clinical Education team. 

In May 2021, we approved £123.44 to purchase a venepuncture practice arm and IV pad for the Clinical Education team. The arm utilises a simple vein structure and improved gravity blood supply for realistic, efficient and repeatable training (much more realistic than fruit!).

Feedback from Jinty Harris - Clinical Operations Manager Intermediate Care Service: “I have used the arm whenever I have had a student for purpose of venepuncture and cannulation but up until today without the ‘blood’. As we have had some capacity we have set the arm up with its blood (as we needed some time to learn how to ‘set it up’ and then clean it up after use).  Actually the set up wasn’t as bad as I had thought. To give feedback I would say that it is very good with the visual and feeling for the veins.

This arm will be extremely useful for second year students who cannot practice taking bloods from patients, and for new starters with less expertise”.

This was funded from the charity Training Fund which has been set up for staff to provide additional support.

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