About us

NCH&C MSK Services is made up of various MSK teams. Integrated Therapy Partnership (ITP), provide Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Orthopaedic Triage clinics across Norwich and the South Norfolk Area. ITP work in partnership with Healthshare (formerly known as Global Health Diagnostics) and Allied Health Professionals (AHP) Suffolk. The West Norfolk MSK team cover Physiotherapy clinics across West Norfolk and have Occupational Therapy clinics within North Norfolk. NCH&C First Contact Practitioner service is delivered across various GP practices in South Norfolk.


Norwich and South Physio Team

 Ankita Shah Jayson Elkins Linda Long Mary Green Toni Sturgeon

West Physio Team

Claire Brown

Occupational Therapy Team

Orthopaedic Triage Team

Richard Nash Sarah Mortram

North and South Technical Instruction Team

Paul O'Connell