Referral to Neurodevelopmental Service (Post-Six)

Referrals can be made by GPs or Schools.

All children need to be referred in using the single point of referral (SPOR) referral form. Schools can refer to the NDS Team by accessing the Education Triage Service (ETS). The ETS is for children aged 6 – 18 years of age. Please note: The ETS delivered by Norfolk Community Health and Care does not cover Great Yarmouth. All other areas of Norfolk are covered.

Referral criteria (Post-six)

All children must have an accompanying supporting assessment report ideally from an Educational Psychologist, Specialist Learning Support Teacher (SLST) or Specialist Behaviour Support Teacher (based at one of the Short Stay School’s for Norfolk, SSSfN). Reports from professionals with appropriate equivalent experience and knowledge (e.g. specially trained SENCOs, Speech and Language Therapists, Clinical Psychologists) will be accepted, but must contain the following:

  • Detailed observations of behaviours which are suggestive of underlying neurodevelopmental difficulties, to include examples of the child’s social communication, interaction and behaviour during structured and unstructured times
  • Details of the child’s expressive language and comprehension ability
  • Details of the child’s overall level of cognitive functioning and potential in comparison to their peers.