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Recent fundraising for NCH&C's Charitable Fund

The NCH&C Charitable Fund raises money to provide services and facilities that go above and beyond what’s possible through the usual NHS funding. Our fund is used to make NCH&C better for our staff and our patients.

As well as the generous donations made by patients and their families, many of our fantastic staff also organise their own fundraising activities to raise money for the fund.

Here’s how NCH&C staff have been raising money for the Charitable Fund recently…


£1,563 raised for Foxley Ward, Dereham Hospital

Two employees from Foxley Ward, Laura Golding and Mary Dyson, raised over £1,500 for the NCH&C Charitable Fund.

Despite the best efforts from staff, who were working long hours and extra shifts, Mary and Laura were concerned about the impact that coronavirus was having on patients at Foxley Ward. During the peak of the pandemic, many patients were isolated from their loved ones at a time when they needed them most.

To make patients smile and to raise donations, Mary and Laura both dyed their hair bright red. Thanks to the generosity of their friends, family, and colleagues, the Foxley fundraisers reached their £1,500 target.

The money raised for NCHC&C Charitable Fund will be used to benefit patients who are staying on Foxley Ward at this unsettled time. Mary and Laura used this funding to purchase:

  • CD players, so patients can listen to their favourite music
  • Puzzle books and adult colouring books to keep the mind active
  • Windowsill flower boxes and birdboxes
  • Luxuries such as nice toiletries and treats like afternoon teas
  • Additional ward mobiles for patient calls


£1,306 raised for Swaffham Community Hospital

Becky Hutchinson, a Trainee Nurse Apprentice from Swaffham Community Hospital, also fundraised for NCHC&C’s Charitable Fund at the height of the pandemic.

Becky was concerned that patients at Swaffham Hospital were lonely and isolated, as the pandemic meant that some were unable to see their loved ones for many weeks. Along with her family, Becky completed a socially-distanced relay race to raise money for the hospital.

In total, Becky and her family ran over 40 miles: equivalent to the distance between Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Kings Lynn, and the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital.

Thanks to generous donations from their colleagues and friends, Becky and her family raised over £1,300 to spend on items to make patients’ stays in Swaffham Community Hospital more comfortable during the pandemic. Becky and the team used this funding to purchase:

  • Additional mobile phones for the ward so patients can contact loved ones
  • Adult colouring books and puzzle books
  • Toiletries
  • Treats like afternoon teas


NCH&C Charitable Fund secures its first London Marathon runner!

For the first time ever, NCH&C’s Charitable Fund has secured a place for a runner in the 2021 London Marathon!

We received many expressions of interest from volunteers who wanted to run on our behalf: thanks to everyone who offered to don their running shoes for the Charitable Fund! After anonymising all the entries, we are thrilled to announce that we have picked our runner.

Alexandra Wilson, Specialist Learning Disabilities Nurse, will be running the London Marathon 2021 on behalf of NCH&C’s Charitable Fund!

Here's what Alex has to say about her 2021 marathon spot: 

"I volunteered to run the London Marathon for the Charitable Fund so they can continue to support and change the lives of staff, service users and their families/care givers. I feel honoured to be able to promote the incredible differences they have made over the years and play a part in ensuring they continue to receive donations. I have always enjoyed running since a young age and it has become a regular part of my life over recent years. As a keen runner, running the London Marathon for a charity has always been on my bucket list since I was a young girl. I have watched the London Marathon every year on the television since I can remember and have always been inspired by both the professional athletes and the general public, who undertake the challenge, achieve something physically incredible whilst raising money for charities and making unforgettable memories."

If you’d like to sponsor Alexandra to run the London Marathon, you can do so via her Just Giving page.

We’d like to thank all our staff volunteers who give their time and energy to raise money for the NCH&C Charitable Fund. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to go above and beyond for our patients and staff. Thank you!