Work Experience

Work experience is back

Work Experience at Norfolk Community Health and Care

After a two-year break during the pandemic, we are delighted to be offering work experience placements once again. 

We are accepting work experience applications from Monday 28 November to Sunday 11 December. 

Complete this online form to register your interest.

Once applications close, our Talent for Care team will be in touch to arrange a placement for you from Spring 2023. 

Please email if you have any questions about work experience. 

What it’s all about:

  • Work Experience is for anybody aged 14+ who is looking to gain more knowledge about the NHS and career options.
  • Age 14+ can undertake work experience in a non-clinical/clinical setting.
  • Age 18+ can undertake work experience in a childcare setting.
  • Work Experience can be a maximum of two weeks (75 hours).
  • Work Experience is often the first exposure to what working in the NHS is like.
  • Work experience is observational only in all clinical settings where appropriate work experience can involve minor administrative duties.
  • Allows applicants to use their placement supervisor as a reference and a ‘step in’ to further opportunities in the Trust.
  • Broadens the public knowledge of the NHS and Trust and the care provided to patients.
  • Previous placements have included: Nursing,  IT, HR, Physio, Psychology, Medicine, OT


Frequently Asked Questions

Why would Work Experience benefit me?
Work experience is key to finding out if a career is the right one for you and many employers and Universities look favourably on experience from their applicants.

What are NCH&C’s expectations of Work Experience candidates?
At NCH&C we look for commitment from our work experience candidates, which includes following our Trust policies and demonstrating our core values and behaviours.

 What Can Work Experience Provide Me With?

  • Real life experience
  • Introduction to working environment
  • Awareness into the variety of careers in the NHS
  • Chance to improve key skills and employability
  • Work experience helps build confidence