• Our Annual Report & Quality Account

Annual Report and Accounts

The purpose of our Annual Report is to explore how we have done within each annual reporting period and how we can improve things for our patients and staff in the future. 

Our latest Annual Report is the Annual Report and Accounts - 2022-23

Please see also our Auditor’s Annual Report - 2022-23 and Statement on the TAC - 2022-23

Quality Account

As a provider of NHS health services, we also produce an annual Quality Account for our staff, stakeholders and the people who use our services. It reflects and demonstrates the importance our organisation places on quality.

Quality Account 2022-23

Annual Summary

The highlights from our Annual Report and Quality Account are presented in our Annual Summary:

Looking After You Locally - NCH&C's Annual Summary 2022-23

Annual General Meeting

The 2023 NCH&C Annual General Meeting (AGM) took place on Tuesday 26 September 2023.

The AGM was recorded using MS Teams and the recording is available to watch below or on YouTube: