About us

NCH&C provides community-based NHS health and care via more than 70 different service locations across Norfolk, serving a population of nearly 900,000 people.

We believe that people are better looked after locally and this belief drives us to work hard to bring our expert care to patients in our seven community hospitals, within GP surgeries and in patients’ own homes. Our focus is on continually improving the quality of care we offer to local people and on improving access to that care, helping people to move seamlessly from one service to another.

Our vision

“To improve the quality of people’s lives, in their homes and community, by providing the best in integrated health and social care…”

On this page you will find out more about our organisation.

Our values


  • As one trust, we enhance the lives of our patients through our commitment, support and working together

  • We are proud to serve our local Community by providing integrated quality services with our partner organisations

  • We respect and value the trust we are given to enter our patients’ homes and lives


  • We provide compassionate, co-ordinated and personalised quality care that is safe and effective

  • We empower and educate our patients and their carers in the effective delivery and management of their own independence, health and wellbeing

  • We are dedicated to holistic, compassionate care and demonstrate this through our commitment to our personal and professional development


  • Our expertise, commitment and creativity are key to the successful delivery of our services

  • We are always open to new ideas that support us in delivering effective compassionate care to our patients

  • We continuously innovate and implement efficient delivery of care

Priorities and performance

The Board has agreed a number of strategic priorities to achieve our trust’s vision: "to improve the quality of people’s lives, in their homes and community, by providing the best in integrated health and social care".

From our strategic objectives flow our annual priorities. Download a copy of our Annual priorities 2021-22.

CQC 'Outstanding'

NCH&C is proud that it was the first standalone NHS Community Trust in the UK to achieve an ‘Outstanding’ rating from the Care Quality Commission (CQC). The CQC highlighted a number of areas of outstanding practice at NCH&C, such as:

  • The care and consideration shown to patients by staff. All multidisciplinary staff were observed to be courteous, professional and kind when interacting with patients. Patient feedback was consistently positive.
  • Strong collaboration, team working and support across all services with the patient as prime focus and common aim to improve the quality and sustainability of care.
  • Compassionate, inclusive and effective leadership at all levels. The report said: “On all the units we visited, staff were caring and compassionate towards patients. Staff treated patients with kindness, dignity and respect. We found that staff were sensitive to the needs of the patients and their families.”
  • “The trust had clear strategic objectives that aligned with the vision and values of the organisation and the wider economy plan. The strategic objectives ensured focus on quality of care to patients, development of staff to provide care and future sustainability of services.”

The results of this report show that through strong collaboration, team working and support across all services we are delivering excellent and effective services to people living in Norfolk.

We’re very grateful to our staff for the efforts they make every day to deliver the best possible care to patients. The CQC report is a reminder that all of us at NCH&C have much to be proud of.