Privacy Impact Assessments

In order to comply with Data Protection Legislation, when undertaking new projects, Norfolk Community Health and Care completes a Privacy Impact Screening Assessment to determine if a full Privacy Impact Assessment is required.  This assessment helps us to identify and minimise the data protection risks of a project.  To date, Norfolk Community Health and Care have considered and approved the following Privacy Impact Assessments.

If you wish to request any further information please contact  or complete a request for information form.


Privacy Impact Assessments (2020-21)

Date PIA title
Dec-20    HomeLink Healthcare D2A
Nov-20 Clinical Skills
Nov-20 My Ark NHS App (updated)
Nov-20 Team Time
Nov-20 Patient Activation App (Tena)
Oct-20 E-Observations Implementation
Oct-20 NCH&C Staff Gyms
Oct-20 CSP Members at NCH&C
Oct-20 Lived Experiences
Sep-20 Zoom
Aug-20 Inpatient visiting online request form
Aug-20 Homeworking equipment during Covid-19 process
Jul-20 Staff newsletter
Jun-20 Staff photo ID cards
Jun-20 Risk assessments for staff with potential work-related exposure to Covid-19   
May-20 NHS app
May-20 Staff emotional wellbeing app
May-20 Wellbeing website
Apr-20 Serco demobilisation



Privacy Impact Assessments (2018-19)

Date PIA title
Mar 20    Attend Anywhere
Mar 20 Hybrid mail system
Mar 20 AMPS software
Mar 20 Tom Tom 
Mar 20 Safety Thermometer Tool
Jan 20 Registration Authroity provision
Jan 20 PARE
Jan 20 TRAC - Recruitment Workflow System   
Nov 19 Dereham Hospital CCTV
Nov 19 Infection Prevention Control
Nov 19 Systems Operations and Resilience
Nov 19 Nursing and Quality
Sep 19 PAM system
Jun 19 Uniform portal
Jun 19 Slimming World
May 19 Project Manager System
May 19 Inpatient data warehouse processing
Apr 19 Vuelio media monitoring


Privacy Impact Assessments (2018-19)

Date PIA title 
Mar 19    Digital Inpatients
Mar 19 Mobile working app
Mar 19 Staff Therapy Service Outcome Letter   
Nov 18 Enhancing Wi-Fi services project
Nov 18 Occupational Health System
Nov 18 Occupational Health System
Nov 18 Staff directory
Sep 18 Demand and Capacity Review
Aug 18 Leaving Care Health Summary
Jul 18 Implementation of Office 365
Jul 18 Multi-Agency Discharge Event
Jul 18 Office 365 shared calendars
Jan 18 Wound Care Technology