How to contact us

Call us: 01603 216021

Our working hours are: Monday to Friday: 8.30am – 4.30pm



Areas we cover

Norfolk; North, South, West and Norwich City.


Who can refer to us?

  • Consultant Neurologists
  • GPs
  • Learning Disability Teams
  • Health and Social Care Professionals


What do we do?

We see patients from the age of 16, with a confirmed diagnosis of epilepsy.

We work closely with the hospital neurology department and GPs.

We discuss all aspects of  lifestyle, medication and advice on how to manage your epilepsy.

We write an epilepsy care plan with you. This will cover your seizure descriptions, triggers, risks, safety and first aid advice.

We provide specialist epilepsy advice to health and social care teams.

We can signpost you to appropriate services for welfare and accessibility.

We give support and advice to colleges, university and employers.


We can contact you in a range of settings

  • Telephone contact
  • Virtual appointment
  • Home visit as appropriate



Referrals should be sent to:
Norwich Central Hub
Norwich Community Hospital
Bowthorpe Road

Or via email to:



Adult Epilepsy Specialist Nurse Service

Epilepsy Nurse referral form


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