Who we care for

The Children’s Continence Service is for children and young people under 18 (19 for young people attending complex needs schools) who require support in managing wetting and/or soiling problems.

Who we are

Our team of nurses work closely with children and young people and their parents and carers, as well as other health and care professionals, to offer appropriate support to children and families across Norfolk (except Great Yarmouth).

The care we offer

We aim to help children and young people achieve continence, whenever possible, to support them to achieve a good quality of life and to avoid any unnecessary admissions to hospital. Resolving continence difficulties in children/young people can take many months; early diagnosis and appropriate management can support this process.

For those children/young people where full continence is unlikely to be achieved, we aim to support them in managing their condition to enable them to access the opportunities available to them.

Our skilled nurses will assess your child and agree a plan of care to best meet their needs. 

This may include:

  • Advice and information
  • Toileting support
  • Daytime wetting support
  • Supply of continence products (criteria apply)
  • Support with constipation and/or soiling
  • Night-time wetting support (Nocturnal Enuresis)

Who it’s for

If your local healthcare professional is unable to support you with your child’s bladder or bowel problem, they can refer your child into the Children’s Continence Service. 

You will need to be registered with a Norfolk GP.


Children's Continence Service

Useful links

What to do whilst you are waiting?

Please can we ask families to make time to have a look at the resources below as they have some excellent advice and support which you may find helpful while you wait for your appointment:

Bladder & Bowel UK
ERIC – The Children’s Bowel & Bladder Charity