• Home Enteral Feeding

    We are a team of Specialist Home Feeds Dietitians, Dietetic Assistant and Assistant Practitioner. We work with adults and their carers in north, south and central Norfolk who have a specialised enteral feeding tube to help meet nutrition and fluid needs.

What is enteral tube feeding?

Enteral tube feeding means taking some or all your nutrition into your gastrointestinal tract using a specialised feeding tube. There are many different reasons why someone might need a feeding tube. Often this is because some underlying condition has caused a swallowing problem, or you are unable to meet your nutritional needs in another way. Your gut does need to be working well for this type of nutrition to be considered.

There are different types of feeding tubes that may be suggested depending on whether you need your nutrition for a short time or a long time. Some feeding tubes can be placed through the nose and pass down the gullet to sit in the stomach or further down your digestive tract. Others can be placed directly through your abdominal[KR1]  wall into your stomach[KR2] [KR3] . or your small bowel.

Once a tube is in place you can take a specialised food to provide a balance of nutrients – protein, fat, carbohydrate, minerals, vitamins and fibre to meet your nutritional needs[KR4] .

What we offer

As a Specialist Home Enteral Feeds team, we work closely with Nutrition Nurses, Hospital Dietitians, Nutrition Support Team Consultant, Specialist Homecare Nurses , a Homecare Delivery Company, GPs and Pharmacists. Together we make sure anyone with a feeding tube has their nutritional needs regularly assessed, has a personalised feeding plan, advice and support managing their feeding tubes, and access to the specialised food and equipment.


If you are discharged from hospital into the community with a feeding tube in place and are not under a specific consultant pathway you would be referred to our service by your hospital dietitian.

Once you are referred to our service, we will contact you to make sure feeding at home is going well and to organise a time to meet you and review your nutritional needs at your home. On-going support is provided either at home, in a specialised clinic or through telephone contact.


A member of our team is available Monday to Friday to answer urgent calls.

Our office is open 08.30 am – 4.30 pm Monday – Friday. There is an answerphone service outside these hours.