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Continence Service

Continence Service

What we offerMan holding an anatomical pelvis model

Our Continence Service consists of specialist teams of nurses, physiotherapists and healthcare assistants.

Who it’s for

We are dedicated to providing a holistic assessment and treatment plan for adults who have bladder, bowel, prolapse or other pelvic floor dysfunction.

Our aim is to promote continence, manage incontinence and improve quality of life.


Wherever you live in Norfolk, you can self-refer to the Continence Service, change an existing appointment or contact your designated continence clinician by calling 01603 216021.


Advice for patients receiving incontinence pads

Pelvic floor muscle exercises for men

Pelvic floor muscle exercises for women

Post micturition dribble

Sphincter exercises

Urgency frequency leaflet

How are we doing?

The quality of our services and the experience of our patients is what counts, so we regularly ask you to tell us if you’re satisfied with the care you’ve received and how we can further improve our services. Read more about our commitment to encouraging our patients to feedback their experiences.